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Internal Medicine

Diagnosing and treating adults with multiple serious and chronic conditions.

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Expert Care for Complex Needs

Our Internal Medicine team is equipped to treat a comprehensive spectrum of illnesses that affect adults providing general and preventative care, treat illnesses, and help manage chronic conditions. They also work closely with other providers and departments such as Pharmacy and Diabetes to empower patients to manage their conditions through education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs primary care?

Everyone needs primary care! Our primary care team is here to be your initial resource whenever you have a health concern. For adults, this might be a family medicine or internal medicine doctor. Pediatricians or family medicine doctors can provide primary care for children. At CRMC, we offer a comprehensive range of primary care services.

When should I make an appointment with primary care?

It’s important to prioritize your health by scheduling a yearly checkup with your regular doctor. This allows for routine exams, blood tests, vaccinations, and assistance with any ongoing health concerns. If you’re feeling unwell, such as with a cold or the flu, consider visiting our same-day clinic instead of waiting for your regular doctor’s appointment.

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Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide, and up to 50% of survivors are left chronically disabled. Learn the crucial signs and symptoms to watch out for.

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Recycled Linens Find New Life

“We are just thankful to find a place that can utilize them so that they can get repurposed. It’s being green, keeping things out of the landfill. We pay for our waste here at the medical facility to throw items away, whereas this is a free donation.”

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