Pricing Transparency

Pricing Transparency

Price Estimates & Standard Charges

At Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, we are committed to transparency in our pricing. We believe it’s important to provide our patients with clear information about the costs of their care.

Here are several resources to assist you in understanding and comparing these costs.

Price Estimates

We offer several ways to obtain price estimates for the hospital and clinic services we provide. These estimates are based on the information available at the time of your request, ensuring the most accurate projection possible. However, please note that the estimate is not a guarantee of your final charges. Actual costs may vary depending on the services you receive.

Your estimate may not cover:

• Exams and appointments before or after your procedure/surgery
• Treatment for any complications
• Classes related to your procedure or consultations with a dietitian
• Lab tests and radiology (e.g., X-rays, CT scans, MRIs)
• Unforeseen services you may need

Disclaimer: Our price estimate is not a guarantee of the charges or benefits for a service. Actual charges can differ due to the physician’s medical determination during a visit, complications, length of visit, medical coding changes, or changes in a patient’s condition.

Call for an Estimate

If you’d like to call for an estimate or need additional information on your estimate, please contact us at 218-546-7000.

Get a Price Estimate

As a MyChart User

If you are a current MyChart user, get a price estimate by:

• Logging into your MyChart account
• Locating the “Billing” menu option
• Selecting the “Estimates” feature

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As a MyChart Guest

Not a current MyChart user? Get access to our “Estimates” feature as a guest.

Get an Estimate

Hospital & Clinic Standard Charges

As a patient, you may want to know how much CRMC charges for specific hospital or clinic services. We are dedicated to maintaining price transparency.

See our comprehensive list of hospital and clinic service charges.

Note: A charge is defined as the dollar amount CRMC sets for a hospital service and does not include any discounts negotiated with insurance companies or government-sponsored health coverage.

Pricing Transparency Questions?

If you have questions related to the Hospital and Clinic Standard Charges file, please contact us at 218-546-7000.

CRMC Hospital

To improve price transparency, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires all U.S. hospitals and health systems to list specific information about standard hospital charge.

CRMC Clinics

Select a clinic to see a list of the top 25 procedures (that cost over $25) and related charges. Some of our clinics are hospital-based, and you will be charged an additional facility fee when receiving services at these locations.

*Hospital-based clinic charges a facility fee.