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Mature African American Man ExercisingBy the time most people hit a certain age, they’ve dipped their toes into the world of diets. Maybe it was one of those trendy “fad diets” they saw advertised, or perhaps a friend or family member suggested it, or they stumbled upon it in a magazine. It’s a common experience for many people as they struggle with healthy eating habits. “Obesity is a complex disease. There is a reason that 75% of the U.S. adult population is overweight or obese. It is far more than a problem with lacking willpower! Indeed, 95% of patients that lose weight will regain it within three years,” said Cuyuna Regional Medical Center medical weight loss specialist Dr. Angelina Ausban.

CRMC’s comprehensive weight loss program, focused on surgical and non-surgical weight loss options, is designed to help patients lose weight and keep it off for good. It’s backed by science, not just willpower. There are different avenues for patients to learn more about the program: they can be referred by a physician, fill out a form at, or call 218.546.7000. A seasoned bariatric surgeon at Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, Dr. Shawn Roberts, stresses that patients don’t have to know what weight loss option is best for them, “Our team takes it from there. We assess their needs, connect them with the appropriate professionals – whether a surgeon, dietitian, or psychologist – and tailor a program that fits them best.”

The programs overlap whether you are a surgical or medical weight loss candidate. “Maybe someone has a BMI of 60. We can do surgery and get their weight down or try the medical route to get their weight down before doing surgical weight loss and continue the post-surgical program,” explained Dr. Roberts. Either program comes with long-term follow-up. “They may not need another surgery 2, 8, or 10 years out, but they still need to talk about weight regain if it occurs, vitamins, and health issues that may develop naturally as people age. It’s a comprehensive program for all,” said Dr. Roberts. “We know it takes long-term support to sustain the needed lifestyle changes,” added Dr. Ausban.

Education and repetition are a big part of the comprehensive weight loss program. “We emphasize the needed long-term lifestyle changes, including changing how patients eat, getting regular exercise with a goal of 300 minutes weekly, 7-9 hours of sleep, and managing stress,” explained Dr. Ausban. “We do recognize that some patients struggle with moderating sweets and starches, so we educate them on the mechanisms in the brain that tend to make these foods addictive.” Accountability extends beyond clinical visits, with patients also participating in support groups for medical and surgical weight loss.

When it comes to nourishing your body, Dr. Shawn Roberts says it’s all about rethinking your approach. “While the traditional food pyramid leans heavily on carbs and skimps on fats, reality suggests a different focus. Opting for lean proteins, nuts, green and leafy vegetables, and healthy oils like olive oil is best. When you’re at the grocery store, a simple rule of thumb is to avoid anything that comes packaged in a box or bag. Instead, navigate the grocery store’s perimeter, stocking up on fresh, whole foods while steering clear of the processed aisles. Say no to those processed meats with excess salt and fat content, opting instead for nutrient-rich alternatives.” He also stresses the importance of staying active and the power of nature. “Getting outside not only provides a dose of vitamin D but also lifts our spirits, with the scent of earth acting as a natural antidepressant. Find something you enjoy doing, and you’ll be more apt to continue doing it,” said Dr. Roberts. Ultimately, eating isn’t just about satisfying hunger; it’s about nourishing our bodies and even serving as a form of medicine. “By prioritizing real, wholesome foods, we may reduce our reliance on pharmaceuticals and cultivate a healthier, more vibrant life,” added Dr. Roberts.

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“Obesity is a complex disease. There is a reason that 75% of the U.S. adult population is overweight or obese. It is far more than a problem with lacking willpower!” Angelina Ausban, MD