Why Do I Have a Low Libido?

Why Do I Have a Low Libido?

It is estimated that close to 40 percent of women are bothered by low libido. The prevalence tends to increase with age, and in many cases, there are actual biological causes for low libido.

Both the causes of low libido and appropriate interventions are numerous, which is why a consult with a trained clinician is so important. The consultation should focus on several factors, including:

  • Pain with sex
  • Relationship history
  • Medical history/physical exam/current medications/testosterone measurement

This is a significant and important quality-of-life concern. Women deserve to be evaluated and presented with options. Fortunately, many options exist for treating low libido. This problem is recognized as a major quality-of-life concern by the World Health Organization. If you are one of the many experiencing problematic low libido, please do not feel embarrassed. Please see a trained clinician for this. Connect with a member of our Women’s Health Department.

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