Health and Mood-Boosting Benefits of Pets

Health and Mood-Boosting Benefits of Pets

If you’re a pet owner, you more than likely already know the many benefits of having a furry companion. Rough day at the office? Fido is there to greet you at the door with a wagging tail. Feeling lonely? Give them a pet or a snuggle. Ready to tackle that next outdoor adventure but want some company on the trail? More than likely, your pooch was ready to go before your shoes were even tied. Turns out, the simple things we love about our pets has a much deeper meaning.

Cuyuna Regional Medical Center Licensed Psychologist Karen Golombecki, PsyD, LP, explains how pets can be beneficial to our mental health: “Having animals around can support both physical and emotional well-being. They can ground us, helping us feel more in touch with our bodies and our emotions.” They can also be our biggest cheerleaders and motivators, encouraging us to keep going on those tough days. “Caring for animals can help to provide a sense of purpose and can support behavioral activation (motivating us to get up and do things),” said Dr. Golombecki.

Before you decide to add a “fur”iend to your family, remember that when you bring home a pet, you’re making a lifelong commitment to them. Whether that’s vet bills, treats, toys, leashes, or attention, they are an investment. If you’re up to making that commitment, just know their endless love, complete with tail wags, purrs, and nose boops, will be well worth it both physically and emotionally.


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