Celebrating New Life: The Joy of Multigenerational Deliveries

Celebrating New Life: The Joy of Multigenerational Deliveries

It’s a unique and special accomplishment for a healthcare provider to have helped deliver multiple generations within the same family. Not every provider can say they’ve had the privilege of being part of such a significant family journey. Cuyuna Regional Medical Center’s Monica Goodwin, MD, has been fortunate to experience this more and more in her practice. “Over the past couple of years, I’ve had a few ‘second generation’ deliveries, and this is the ultimate in continuity of care. The parents, once in the delivery room 25 years ago, are now coming to visit as grandparents!”

Being able to offer continuity of care was one of the main reasons she chose family medicine. “Over the course of 30 years, I have accompanied many families through the joys and challenges of family life, pregnancy, and raising children,” said Dr. Goodwin.

On May 5, 2024, Dr. Goodwin had the privilege of helping deliver Archie Reynold Jacobs. “We picked Dr. Goodwin because she delivered my husband, Riley, and have always heard wonderful things about her. She was great to share this experience with,” said Megan Jacobs.

“When Riley and Megan stopped in for their first obstetrics visit, I must admit, I didn’t recognize Riley, now fully bearded and becoming a father,” exclaimed Dr. Goodwin. “It warms my heart and brings me great joy to see the full circle of life right here at home, at CRMC.”

“The experience was so special, and we were so excited to bring a new life into this world. Dr. Goodwin and the nurses were all so great and made us feel at ease,” said Megan.

Choosing where to welcome your little one into the world is significant. At Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, expectant parents can rest assured knowing they will receive personalized care, support, and attention every step of the way. We are dedicated to making the birthing center experience truly memorable and positive.

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