Bladder Control Therapy Nerve Stimulation

Bladder Control Therapy Nerve Stimulation

Take Back Control

Bladder control problems affect millions of Americans. If you’re one of them, you know that conditions like an overactive bladder can interrupt your life. If you have tried muscle therapy like Kegel exercises and physical therapy without reaching the desired results, nerve stimulation may be for you. Conventional treatments don’t target the miscommunication between your bladder and brain. Nerve Stimulation helps restore bladder function by stimulating the sacral nerve, resulting in fewer trips to the bathroom, fewer accidents, and more confidence.

How to get started?

Contact your healthcare provider for a simple evaluation that allows you to try the device before deciding on a long-term option. During the evaluation, a thin wire is inserted into the upper part of your buttock. The wire attaches to a small external device worn discreetly under your clothes. You will feel a slight pulling, tingling, or fluttering sensation in the pelvic area. It should not be painful; you can start, stop, or adjust therapy with an easy-to-use controller. You will go about your normal activities for 3 – 14 days and track your progress. If you like the device after the evaluation, consult your healthcare provider to decide if long-term therapy is right for you.

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