Surgery Recovery

Postoperative Care for Knee Surgery

Cuyuna Regional Medical Center prioritizes patients’ comfort and recovery by advocating for them to recover at home following knee surgery. Consequently, most patients are discharged within one day of joint replacement surgery, with an average hospital stay of just 16 hours. Despite being at home, patients receive continued support, with providers conducting post-surgery check-ins and a community paramedic available for home visits as needed.

In line with enhancing patient convenience, follow-up appointments are offered in person or virtually, which underscores our commitment to ensuring patient satisfaction. Additionally, CRMC gladly collaborates with local clinics, pharmacies, or physical therapists for those residing outside the area to facilitate seamless follow-up care.

The orthopaedic team provides its knee replacement patients with a walker to use as necessary at no extra cost.  After six weeks, knee replacement surgery patients have no precautions or restrictions.

Brigg Ice Machine

CRMC’s Orthopaedic specialists highly recommend using an ice machine to aid in your recovery after total knee replacement and provides each patient with a complimentary ice machine for home use. Cold therapy via an intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) and motorized cold therapy (MCT) machine is highly beneficial following total knee arthroplasty. The use of cold therapy is proven effective at reducing swelling and pain, as well as decreasing recovery time by up to three days.