Overactive Bladder Treatment Options | Botox

Overactive Bladder Treatment Options | Botox

Many individuals with overactive bladder experience symptoms such as leaking, going to often and the strong and sudden urge to go. If you are using multiple pads per day, planning trips around bathroom locations, not doing activities for fear of leakage and worried about the problem every day you are just coping with your problem.

If oral medications have not worked or the side effect too much and self-management techniques have not worked you are not alone. Talk with your health care provider about using Botox as an option. Botox is placed in the balder muscle to help block the nerve signals that trigger overactive bladder.

Expectations from Treatment

Patients may see results just two weeks after treatment. Your health care provider will touch base with you around the four-month time to see how the treatment is working. If you are happy with the results schedule your second treatment at around six months. Patients should plan for re-treatment with Botox as few as two times a year.

Consult your health care provider for more information, health insurance coverage and if this treatment option is right for you.

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