MyChart Proxy Access

MyChart Proxy Access


The person who is requesting proxy access must have an active electronic medical record AND a MyChart account.


Proxy sign-up is allowed for:

  • Parent-Child Age 0-12 years: Full access to child’s interactive health records.
  • Parent-Teen Age 13-17 years: Partial access to child’s interactive health records. Example: Appointment scheduling and immunizations.
  • Divorced Parents: Both parents can be granted proxy access unless there is a legal document stating that a parent is not to have access to protected health information for their child.
  • Step-parent: Child Allowed as long as a parent co-signs the proxy form.
  • Adult-Adult: For competent adults, the request is initiated by the patient, not the requester. Patients can grant proxy access to anyone of their choosing. Examples: Requesting access for your spouse or for your aging parent.
  • Appointed: A court appointed legal guardian for an adult or child. Requires appropriate court ordered documents

Request Proxy Access

  1. At Check-in: Patients can complete a paper authorization form.
  2. Ask Your Provider: An access request can be completed in the exam room with the provider.
  3. MyChart: From the requestor’s MyChart account, on the Account home page, click + Add someone (proxy). Child proxy applications are the only applications that can be submitted online. Adult applications must be processed via mail or fax.

When a child turns 18, the proxy access ends.