Birth Experience Preferences

Birth Experience Preferences

We are excited to help personalize your birth experience by reviewing your preferences before and during labor and delivery.

There are many “birth plans” offered on the internet. Our birthing center team has created a simple, streamlined form to be completed prior to labor. This serves both as a way to be respectful to patients and to offer education. You and your baby’s health are our responsibility and we are thankful for this!

    • We usually administer this form around 32 weeks. Some items include:

    • What would you like from your labor support person?

    • Preferences for labor and delivery atmosphere like temperature, lighting, music.

    • What would you like for us to know about you, your family and your pregnancy?

    • Who do you want present during the birthing process?

    • How would you like your nurse to support you (offer suggestions, coaching, active participation, etc.)?

    • What do you hope to use for comfort and relaxation – jacuzzi tub/shower, birthing ball, nitrous, IV pain medicines, massage, birthing ball, epidural?

    • What are your biggest concerns?

    • Who is your baby’s health care clinician?

    • Do you plan to breastfeed or bottle-feed?

    • If a boy, do you want him circumcised?

    • Prenatal classes and breastfeeding classes are offered many times throughout the year. Refer to the events calendar or call labor and delivery for times and locations at 218-546-4350.