Celebrate 'Life of A Champion': Fundraiser to Support Area Cancer Patients


In a world where determination, resilience, inspiration, and a positive mindset are celebrated in athletes like NFL football players and NHL hockey stars, we firmly hold the belief that these qualities shine even brighter in the lives of the cancer patients we care for at Cuyuna Regional Medical Center. Every day, they exemplify the essence of true champions.

  • Determination: Each day within our Cancer Care Center, our patients exhibit unwavering determination in their battle against cancer. They face their disease head-on and work tirelessly towards recovery. Their relentless commitment to conquering this formidable opponent inspires us all.
  • Resilience: In the face of the extreme physical and emotional toll that cancer and its treatments take, our patients display remarkable resilience. They endure the toughest of challenges with unwavering strength, proving the human spirit can withstand even the harshest of storms.
  • Inspiration: Our cancer patients serve as sources of inspiration for others. Their stories of triumph over adversity resonate with others who are fighting their own battles. Through their experiences, they offer hope and a guiding light for others who may be struggling.
  • Positive Mindset: Maintaining a positive mindset is essential in navigating the challenges of cancer treatment and recovery. We emphasize the importance of a positive mindset to our patients, as it not only aids in their healing but also empowers them to face each day with courage and optimism.

While the challenges faced by champions on the field and cancer survivors in their lives may differ, the common thread that binds them is the remarkable traits and qualities that enable them to conquer adversity and achieve success. In celebrating the Life of a Champion, we recognize the true champions in our midst - our courageous cancer patients who embody determination, resilience, inspiration, and a positive mindset.

Join us on Thursday, October 26 from 5-7 p.m. at the Ironton American Legion in supporting their journey and honoring their indomitable spirit as they inspire us all to champion life

Together, we can make a difference and provide hope!

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When it comes to serving the community's well-being, no other charitable organization holds a more significant purpose than healthcare. The Cuyuna Regional Medical Center Foundation receives gifts that profoundly contribute to addressing crucial healthcare needs in our community. These contributions enable the implementation of specific projects that might otherwise remain unrealized due to resource constraints. The dollars generously donated have a profound impact, positively affecting the lives of thousands of patients and their families annually.


Community members who display generosity have the ability to contribute significantly to our community through the act of donating.

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Cuyuna Regional Medical Center’s Foundation was established in 2010 to encourage and manage philanthropic contributions to CRMC and to help assure that the hospital built by the people of the Cuyuna Range more than 55 years ago can continue providing great care.

Philanthropic support has been an essential part of CRMC’s growth and has helped us save countless lives. Investments from the community have benefitted hundreds of patients and assisted our efforts to equip our facility with the latest technology that allows patients to remain in the area while receiving care. As technology advances, so does our ability to diagnose problems earlier, and perform surgeries that are minimally invasive.

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