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Intensive Care Unit

Around-the-clock care for patients with life-threatening conditions.

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24/7 Critical Care

Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Cuyuna Regional Medical Center provides specialized care for patients with severe or life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Our unit is staffed 24/7 by a dedicated team of nurses and physicians who are trained to treat a wide range of complex conditions while maintaining a high standard of quality and safety.

The nurse’s station is strategically placed directly across from the ICU suites to ensure constant monitoring and effective treatment. We understand that being in the ICU can be a highly stressful time for patients and their families, and we are committed to providing the best possible care and support.

Prioritizing Patients & Families

Our ICU promotes a patient and family-centered environment, emphasizing open communication between patients, nurses, physicians, and loved ones. We strive to provide compassionate care that meets the individual needs of each patient and their family during their time in the ICU.

Your Care Team

Upon admission to the ICU, you’ll be cared for by a specialized team dedicated to treating critically ill patients. Our physicians collaborate closely with critical care nurses, who deliver bedside care and maintain communication with patients’ families.

Your care team may also include other medical professionals. Pharmacists ensure you receive necessary medications. Respiratory therapists assist if you experience breathing difficulties. Physical and rehabilitation therapists help you maintain strength and functionality. You may also interact with physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered dietitians during your stay.

Should I Have An Advance Directive

An advance directive informs your family and medical team about your preferences for care in case you become unable to communicate or make decisions. Having an advance directive is advisable if you might require critical care and are unable to communicate, are unconscious, or need sedation.

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You’re More Than a Patient

You’re a participant in your own health. Explore education and resources from CRMC and the Brainerd lakes area community.

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