Nancy Heise, PT, CLT-LANA




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With an unwavering dedication to her profession, Nancy Heise has been a Lead Physical Therapist since 1989 and a director for seven years, playing a vital role in CRMC’s Physical Therapy team. She has a myriad of specialties, including fibromyalgia, chronic pain, neurologic conditions, post-cancer rehabilitation, lower extremity prosthetic training, both male and female incontinence, and pelvic health. She also has an extensive wound care and lymphedema treatment background and holds a national lymphedema certification through LANA. In addition to her expertise in the clinical field, Heise is trained to perform ergonomic job assessments, develop prework screens, and perform functional capacity evaluations.

Having received her initial physical therapy training at The College of St. Scholastica, she brings a wealth of clinical experiences from North Dakota, Los Angeles, and Brainerd. Heise’s commitment to the field extends beyond her practice, as she coordinates clinical education and student internships within the department. This dedication to educating future therapists is a testament to her confidence in her abilities and belief in the importance of passing on knowledge.

In her free time, Heise volunteers and plays handbells at church, gardens, hikes, cross-country skis, travels, and, most importantly, spends time with family.