Audiology/Hearing Aids

Are you experiencing hearing loss? 

Cuyuna Regional Medical Center’s Audiologist recognizes the importance of hearing to everyday life. Her personalized, hands-on care approach provides testing and treatment for people suffering from hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo.

Our hearing works for us 24 hours a day and is a vital part of living. We understand that hearing loss can be difficult and frustrating. Our mission is to help you recover hearing by offering a personalized, hands-on approach using state-of-the-art equipment to treat hearing loss, including hearing aid consultations, fittings and maintenance.

Each patient is cared for by Audiologist Kristin Schmidt who provides testing and treatment to develop a personalized care plan. She offers the highest standard of devices, including digital hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities, health monitoring, fall detection and artificial intelligence.

  • Consultation and maintenance of devices
  • Highest standards in service and hearing aid devices
  • Hearing aid fitting and dispensing, including a consultation
  • Repair, programming, maintenance, and cleaning available on most hearing aids
  • Counseling regarding assistive listening devices for the television and phone

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