Clinical Nutrition Services

Maintaining a healthy you

The team of registered dietitians and nurses at Cuyuna Regional Medical Center’s Clinical Nutrition department are ready to help patients meet their medical and personal needs. They provide comprehensive nutrition care and counseling using food management and lifestyle strategies to optimize clinical outcomes for patients.

Based on patients’ medical, psycho-social, and dietary history, combined with a functional nutrition examination, dietitians help patients create personalized nutrition recommendations to assist with a variety of medical conditions. Proper nutrition is a medically necessary and cost-effective way to manage diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and numerous other conditions.

The department’s dietitians work with individuals to create a healthy meal plan that meets medical and personal needs. Dietitians provide education, advice, tips, and motivational tools to help patients eat and live well. Staff complete full assessments of current lifestyle, food preferences, budgets, time constraints, physical limitations, inability to make nutrition changes, and more.

Registered dietitians at CRMC provide individual inpatient and outpatient counseling for a variety of nutrition needs and conditions, including:

  • weight control
  • diabetes
  • high cholesterol
  • hypertension
  • other situations requiring a modified eating plan to promote health
  • cancer care
  • food allergies
  • nutrition counseling
  • behavior therapy

Experienced Clinical Nutrition professionals offer additional help and support to patients in their effort to lose weight and improve their health. Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity is a program for people who have a body mass index of 30 or above. Visits with a registered dietitian provide patients with personalized diet education and lifestyle coaching based on individual health and weight loss goals.

The program consists of up to 22 one-on-one visits per year with a registered dietitian.

  • A weekly visit with a registered dietitian for the first month
  • A visit with a registered dietitian every other week for months two through six
  • Patients who are successful in losing at least 6.6 pounds in the first six months are eligible for continued monthly follow-ups with a registered dietitian for another 7 to 12 months.

This is a free benefit for Medicare patients with no co-pay or deductible. Deductibles apply and co-payments are required for patients with commercial insurance.

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Meet our team:


Johanna Christenson, R.D.N.

Registered Dietician
CRMC - Crosby

Miranda Larson, R.D.N.

Registered Dietician
CRMC - Crosby

Emma Kline, R.D.N.

Registered Dietician
CRMC - Crosby, CRMC Baxter


Physician referrals are needed for one-on-one appointments. Contact your primary care provider for a referral. Some insurance plans pay for dietitian services with a physician’s referral. Contact your insurance plan to learn what’s covered under your plan. Appointments are conducted both in-person and virtually.

Call 218-545-4498 or 218-545-4491 for more information.

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