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Interventional Pain Specialists are board certified specialty trained medical doctors, that focus on the treatment of pain by utilizing advanced imaging techniques. The practice of interventional pain primarily focuses on spine care. This involves diagnosis and treatment of painful spinal conditions such as arthritis of the spine, spinal stenosis, pinched nerves, herniated discs, nerve pain after spinal surgeries, and other common painful disorders of the neck and back.  They are integrated very closely with spine surgery, and help to identify when a condition may require surgery rather than other conservative care.  This close relationship between spine surgery and interventional pain helps to create the most efficient and coordinated care for our patients and their specific needs.

Our goal is always to provide the highest quality medical care for our patients and ensure that they are treated with the same care and professionalism that we would wish for our own families.   

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Treatments & Services

Our Interventional Pain Specialists focus on the treatment of painful spinal disorders by using image guided injections and some implantable devices for different types of spinal pain. The goal of our practice is to help diagnose the source of your pain, and design the best treatment plan possible.  We often coordinate care with other departments such as family medicine, orthopaedic surgery, spine surgery, and physical therapy. 


Our team of doctors and advance practice providers will work diligently to come up with a treatment plan and coordinate any other services that may be required to get you well again.

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