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Frequently asked questions.

Yes. As an equal opportunity employer, we post all of our open positions online and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply for any position for which they are qualified.

Yes. All candidates (including internal) should include an updated resume with every application. There is only an opportunity to upload one document to your application, so please add your cover letter to your resume and upload as one file.

From our careers page where you submitted an application, you can sign in and view the status of your applications.

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Casual indicates that, after the initial training period, there are no regularly scheduled hours. You pick up shifts as they are available and you are able. For union positions, casual employees are required to work 3 shifts per month, with one shift being a weekend shift. Casual RNs are required to work 2 weekend shifts per month.

Part Time Over indicates the position will be regularly scheduled 40-79 hours per pay period. Part Time Over positions are eligible for benefits including health insurance, dental, and 401(k) contributions.

Part Time Under indicates the position will be regularly scheduled less than 40 hours per pay period.


If you are a current employee, yes, especially if the position is in your current department.

If you are applying for a position in the Care Center, yes. The Care Center will make job offers contingent upon passing the NCLEX.

If neither of the above apply, we recommend that you wait until you at least have completed nursing school. Otherwise, you will be applying for a position that will likely be filled by the time you complete your NCLEX and will need to reapply for additional positions once you get closer to getting your license.

No. Completing clinical rotations is an expected part of nursing school and something that you have in common with every other nursing student. Instead, please list things that make you stand out from everyone else.

The exception is if you have completed a capstone project as part of a BSN, then you may include that.

We value your interest in Cuyuna Regional Medical Center and love adding highly exceptional, qualified individuals to our team. We consider the experience and education of each qualified applicant. We also look at longevity – have you held your most recent position for at least one year (two years for RNs)? 

While we wish we had the opportunity to meet every qualified applicant, please keep in mind that we receive over 1,000 applications each year. For clerical openings, it is not uncommon to receive 40 applicants for a position.

Yes. Many of our RNs in a variety of patient care departments have their associate’s degrees. There are some professional and leadership positions that require a BSN and the job description will accurately describe the education requirement for each position.

We encourage nurses – and all of our employees – to continue their education. We offer a tuition reimbursement benefit for our employees to help with the cost of education.


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