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Pulmonary / Sleep Medicine

Pulmonary and sleep medicine provides diagnosis and treatment for adults suffering from a wide range of sleep disorders.

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A Good Night’s Sleep

We have partnered with pulmonary and sleep medicine specialist, Dr. Todd Greatens, who specializes in the evaluation of sleep disorders.

Dr. Greatens provides patients with assessments, diagnosis and treatments for a variety of sleep-related disorders and sleep-exacerbated diseases. Working with specialists, he helps patients identify the cause of their sleep problems and finds ways to treat or effectively manage those conditions.

Proper sleep is an essential part of overall health. Good sleep ensures the body and mind can do their best around the clock. Research has shown that insufficient or poor quality of sleep may lead to significant health problems. Dr. Greatens helps patients get the rest needed to stay healthy and enjoy life.

Young Man Snoring In The Bed At Night

Can’t Catch Your Zzz’s?

  • Feel your sleep isn’t satisfying
  • Have trouble falling asleep or staying awake
  • Walk, talk, moan, snore or grind your teeth during sleep
  • Have been told your legs twitch or kick at night
  • Lie awake at night feeling worried or anxious
  • Awaken suddenly gasping for breath
  • Feel extremely sleepy during the day
  • Have sudden attacks of physical weakness
We can help

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