CRMC Charitable Fund

A Gift of Gratitude

No other charity has such a powerful mission as health care, whose charge is caring for everyone in the community from their first breath to their last. Gifts to the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center Charitable Fund support the most critical needs for health care in our area through specific projects that might not otherwise be implemented because of limited resources. Dollars donated touch thousands of patients and families each year.


The CRMC Charitable Fund supports the major needs of the medical campus by raising funds for equipment and technology, to advance patient care, and staff programs and education to promote the health and well-being of its patients and the people in the area it serves. Funds are obtained through individual donations, grants, and community events.


Your financial donation has a direct and lasting impact on your family, friends and neighbors. 


Areas of Giving

The Charitable Fund provides all kinds of ways for people to participate—from one-time donations and payroll deduction plans to sophisticated charitable giving strategies, tools and tactics. You can choose to make a cash donation or contribute through gifts of stock, endowment funds or planned giving. All gifts are greatly appreciated and tax deductible.


Greatest Need – Unrestricted Gifts
Directly support vital programs and resources that improve the quality of health care for patients at Cuyuna Regional Medical Center. These gifts give CRMC the flexibility to spend funds where they’re needed most. Ultimately, these gifts provide comfort, care and hope.


Technology and Facility Enhancement
Designate your gift for future capital improvements.


Community Health Initiatives
Support health and wellness events and programs throughout the community.


Courage Cabinet
Provides financial support to help meet basic needs for cancer patients.


Because of Brandon - Type 1 Diabetes
Supports local Type 1 Diabetes patients and their families.


Mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

- Because of Brandon - A fund-raiser for Diabetes Education: July 29, 2017 

- Pink Frosting: October 24, 2017


Through fund-raising and grants the Foundation has been able to purchase:

- Heart Monitors for Emergency Department

- Type 1 Diabetes education

- Community Ambulance

- Ivan/Ivana (A Sim Manikin)

- Ivy (A Sim mom)

- Advanced training for campus paramedics

- Benches around campus

- New spa room including tub in the Transitional Care Unit (TCU)

- Rehab Equipment for TCU/Care Center

- Three year wellness program


On behalf of our caregivers and patients, we thank the extraordinary individuals who give their resources to improve the health of our community. Please consider joining this exclusive group and donating to the fund and continuing the tradition of Crosby health care services.  

Your support makes a difference. CRMC has been bringing hope and healing to the residents of the Cuyuna Lakes area since 1964.  Our world-class expertise, combined with family-centered, compassionate care, makes CRMC essential to the health of people in our region. With philanthropic investment, CRMC can continue to deliver the best health care to more people who need it—in Crosby and beyond.



Thank you to those who generously gave in 2016:

Terry Abear Dr. Eric & Brooke Fenstad Michelle LeMieur Destiny Rude
Acute Care Inc. Ken & Tricia Fogal Link Consulting Group, Inc.  Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge
Abygail Aksamit Elsie Forcelle Susan Longstaff Joyce Sawatzke
Dr. Paul & Emily Allegra Amanda Ford Rise Luna Alexis Saxton
Kelly Amerud Peggy Forstner Vic Machen Amanda Schaefer
Wendi Andersohn Brittany Fox Ken Mackley John Schaubach
Peggy Anderson Diane Francis Michael Mailhot Albert & Barbara Schewe
Tim Anderson Kevin Fritz Marco, Inc.  Elizabeth Schmaltz
Zach Asbach Marie Futhey Kim Masters-Anderson Patricia Schmid
Dr. Fawn & Thomas Atchison Kelly Gillen Dr. Kara & Anthony Maucieri Alyssa Schmitz
Michael Austin Joyce A. Gindroff Gordon McArthur Cynthia Schmitz
Lindsay Balmer Patrice Glenz Christine McCusker Linda Schneider
Rose Bankers Jackie Godfrey Ashley McGinnis Jessica Schwartz
Banyan Medical Systems Graphic Packaging International, Inc. Amber McKay Brittany Schwarz
Kyle & Laura Bauer Family Krisann Gray Robert McLaughlin Bonita Seehase
Tamera Bauer Great River Eye Clinic Mary McMillan Select Therapy
Tom & Lisa Bausman Kim Grecula Alison Meyer Robert & Helen Selisker
Bay Lake Area Lions Club Dr. Mark Gujer Kathlene Meyer Shirley Selisker
Angela Beck Joni Gutknecht Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union Timothy & Stephanie Selisker
Jennifer Beckman Maureen Haines Myron & Shirley Midthun Katilin Sharp
Ruth Beckrich Michael & Roberta Hall Sheila Miller Megan Sims
Earl Bedard Karmen Hamre Stephanie Miller Michelle Sjolund
Jodi Bedard Steven Hannah Russell Miner Brenda Skarbonkiewicz
Pamela Beebe Scott Hansen Minneapolis Heart Institute Lisa Slepica
Brandi Berg Larry & Cheryl Hanson Margaret Moritz Christine Smith
Katie Berg Jim & Shirley Harker Jennifer Mount Hailey Sogge
Natalie Berg Amy Hart Laurie Murphy John & Maria Solheim
Bernick's Beverage & Vending Heather Hartwig Kim Murray Kayla Sorben
Dr. Rajesh Bhargava Arlene Haukos Father Dale Nau Gene Sparks
Theresa Blomer Lisa Hennen Tupy Neighborhood National Bank Kristi Lynn Starry
Molly Blood Dennis & LuAnn Henrichs Christina Nelson Peggy Stebbins
Dawn Bobick Robert Higley Sara Nelson Renee Steffen
Jamie Boesen Theresa Hiller-Baty Sarah Newburg Suzanna Gutzman Steinke & Christopher Warren Steinke

Brainerd Radiation Therapy Center/Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, P.A.

Jennifer Hirschey Mariah Nieman  Anna Stich
Kati-Lyn Brezinsky Chris & Sheila Hoehn Nor-Son, Inc. Karla Stiernagle
Bridge Tavern, Inc. Dan Hoffard North Central Medical Supply & Equipment Sheila Stine
Jason Brink Holden Electric Company, Inc. Northern Business Products Stinson Leonard Street
Tamera Browning Jennifer Holmvig Northland Smiles Jennifer Stirewalt
Buffalo Plaid, Inc.  Cynthia Hopp Mary Novotny Elizabeth Stoneking
Matthew Bugnacki RaeLynn Horton Deb Nygard-Norwood Joshua Stoneking
Al Bukowski Brad Houge Jerra Nylund Honi Strange
Lori Burgstaler Richard & Joyce Houge Oberg Fence Nancy Stratman
Todd Bymark Dr. Paul Howes and Pamela Parisian Sarah Oehrlein Rachelle Stumbo
Amy Carlson Alan Hudalla Judy Oestreich Leanne Sura
Lea Carlson InstyMeds Corporation Shirley Ogborn Susan Sutherland
Melissa Carpenter Ironton American Legion Post 443 Jesse Oman Cheryl Swanson
Cascade Ladies Ironton Fire Department Twilla Oskey Nicki Tabaka
Diane L. Cash  Julie Iten Doug Oster Colleen Tauzell
Central Lakes Physicians, P.A. Melinda Jackson

Darcy Otto

Lisa Taylor
Central MN Diagnostic, Inc. Seth & Melinda Jackson

Dr. Shelley Overholt-Thiesen

& Dale Ray Thiesen

Technical Life Care Medical Company
Charles & Debra Hatfield Jacobs Realty LLC Cynthia Palm Danielle Tetrick
Ivy Chisholm Julie Jenson Leon Parenteau The Wolfhound
Kristin Christensen John Hawkinson Painting Leslie Paulson Wendy Thiebault
Johanna Christenson John's Refrigeration Paulson & Clark Engineering, Inc.  Katie Thompson
Todd Chirstenson Priscilla Johnson Patricia Perrella Courtney Thull
Jodi Christopher Tammy Jo Johnson Jessica Perrine Thune Insurance Network
Ashton Cleveland Lacy Johnson-White Stephanie Perrine Jason Todd
Helen Colburn Johnson McCann - North Risk Partners Dr. Brad & Sue Anne Peterson Julie Torgerson 
Constellation Energy Doug B. Junker Kelly Peterson Dean Turnbloom
Christine Crandall AJ Karpinski Russ Philstrom Roger & Sandy Twigg
Robin Cranfill Brent Katzenberger Cassie Piepkorn Unity Bank
Crosby Bar & Grill Janice Kneeland Brenda Potter Vaaler Insurance/HCIS
Crosby Fire Relief Association Sharon Knutson Preferred One Sarah VanGeest

Crow Wing County Community Services Engagement Committee

Krista Kommer Presbyterian Homes & Services Dale VanHorn
Crow Wing Power Koop Funeral Home Dena Pribbenow Samantha VanHorn

CTC - Consolidated

Telecommunications Company

Jessica Koschmeder PSB/MARS Craig & Katie Virnig
Rachel Cummings Bruce L. Kraemer Melinda Pudlick Amy Vleck
Dr. Bruce Cunningham Dr. Christina & Ryan Kramer Zulma Quient Jean Walberg
Cuyuna Fire Relief Association Mike Kramer Danni Rardin Kathy Wetter
Debra Davies Bryan Krantz

Rasinski Total Door

Service, LLC

Arlene Way
Urly De Rochemont Valerie Krone Jody Rau Stephanie Weik
James  & Patt De Zurik Eileen Kurpiers Regional Diagnostic Radiology Diane Weiland
Deerwood Bank Sandy Kuschel Teri Reynolds Anne Wendt
Deerwood Fire Department Matthew Lacy Nancy Rhoades-Goshey Jenna Wentzlaff
DeGraaf Financial, Inc. Elizabeth Lagerstrom Kay Rineck Bonnie Wermter
Lacey DiMartino Lakes Printing Hale Jr. & Jane Ritchie Dr. Robert & Sharri Westin
DN Nail Kathleen Lallier Debra Rochel Tammi White
Wayne & Theora Dunemann Lamar Outdoor Advertising Lisa Roden Samantha Wieczoreak
Landon Dybdal Lambert Water Wells, Inc.  Darcy Rohwedder Brenda Wills-Marolt
Kevin & Betsy Egan Scarlett Langenfeld Jessica Rollens Ashley Windorski
Caity Eggen Cynthia Larson Tracy Rothwell Alicia Wiseley-Peterson
Emily Cooperative Telephone Company Carolyn Larson-Wedin Toby Rowan Jamie Withrow
Heather Erickson Gail Lee RSM US LLP Andrea Wynn
Sandi Erickson Brian D. Lehman Gretchen Ruby Rylee Wynn
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