Helping Hands

Cuyuna Regional Medical Center has numerous opportunities available to people with the desire to serve and offer care and compassion to our patients and residents.

Primary function: To provide a warm, welcoming, comfortable, friendly atmosphere for families, patients, visitors and staff of Cuyuna Regional Medical Center

Close working relationship with:  Patients, guests, visitors and staff

Responsibilities: Volunteers provide accurate directions, information and assist visitors, guests and staff of Cuyuna Regional Medical Center as needed.   

Specific functions include, but are not limited to: 

  • Communicate with patients, visitors, fellow employees and staff in a professional and diplomatic manner
  • Acknowledge a visitor as soon as possible, based on the task currently being performed, “How may I assist you?” 
  • Offer visitors assistance in locating the appropriate department or find someone to escort them directly there
  • Answer telephone as needed
  • Provide wheelchair assistance, physical assist (within capabilities) and transport chair patients arrival
  • Be familiar with locations of telephones, rest rooms, gift shop, Cornerstone, conference rooms and other areas of the campus
  • Perform miscellaneous clerical duties as requested
  • Perform light housekeeping duties as necessary to keep areas neat and clean
  • Recording/ reporting time volunteered
  • Various other duties as requested


  1. Must complete a Volunteer Application
  2. Must agree to a background check
  3. Must complete Employee Health screening (immunizations, Mantoux)
  4. Complete assigned Volunteer Training as necessary
  5. Must be able to converse well, listen to people and respond appropriately both verbally and non-verbally
  6. Should be comfortable around people of all ages and with varying illnesses or injuries
  7. Must treat all information with extreme confidentiality

 Mental Requirements:

  1. Must be poised, discreet, warm, friendly and sensitive to the needs of others
  2. All volunteers must be non-judgmental, diplomatic and be able to remain calm when patients/ family members are experiencing pain, confusion or anxiety

Physical Demands:

Volunteer needs to be in good physical health, as in most positions volunteers stand, sit, walk, write, talk and listen in the performance of duties.

Hospital Positions: 

Peggy Stebbins at 218-545-4447 or peggy.stebbins@cuyunamed.org.

Care Center Positions:

Contact Ali Engler at 218-546-4353 or alison.meyer@cuyunamed.org.

Schedule An Appointment:
(218) 546-7462 or (888) 420-2778

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